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Biedermann Laminatori

Biedermann Laminatori

  • ​​Laminacija (plastifikacija) je transparentna folija koja štiti vaš propagandni materijal od fizičkog oštećenja.
  • ​Hladna laminacija se koristi za ploter štampu - mašinsko laminiranje ili kaširanje na različitim materijalima: plexi, kapa, alubond, forex...
  • ​Laminator 160 C (sa slike) je vrlo praktičan, siguran i jednostavan za upotrebu, sa podesivom brzinom laminiranja (roll to roll). Sa širinom valjka od 170cm, radnom širinom od 160cm, maksimalnom debljinom materijala 25mm, brzina štampe doseže do 4,5 met/1min.

Professional mounting and laminating contribute essentially to the presentation of a picture what in turn is very important for the customers' satisfaction and therefore an impulse for more sales. The motor roller laminators from BIEDERMANN are ideal for starting in the area of cold mounting and laminating of posters, art prints, inkjet-media etc.

The upper roller of the models RollLam E 65W, RollLam E 80W, RollLam 120W, RollLam 140W and RollLam 160W is equipped with a heater what makes it possible to heat the silicone roller to approx. 30°C-60°C. The result is a higher quality of laminations. The pressure is adjusted by only one handle that guarantees an even pressure on the whole width of the roller.
A photocell provides the security and switches off the machine if used improperly.

A further feature are the unroll and upwind axes with practically proved quick gripping cones by which the material rolls can be changed easily. The running speed is continuously adjustable. The machines can be operated either by control panel or by pedal and have forward and backward drive.

The solid BIEDERMANN laminators convince by reliability and easy handling.